Miracle of St Christopher: Driving

For the Glory of God, I share the following miracle that occurred to me. Miracles happen every day but we just need to have the awareness to see them. I am humbled, and will glorify God’s holy name forever, that I got to witness the powerful workings of God’s grace in my life, in a situation that I thought was nothing short of impossible.

I am in my mid-twenties and for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong aversion and fear to driving. This likely stemmed from a combination of factors but living in a major city in Australia, with the necessity to get around often by car, this was very problematic.

As the years went past, I saw all my friends and younger family members get their license and enjoy the freedoms of driving. Whilst joyous at their success, I was left feeling hopeless at my situation. It seemed like an impossible task despite all the efforts to “rewire” my brain (as psychology would put it) through exposure therapy and the like.

The thought of driving would keep me up at night and cause endless tears. Anytime I got behind the wheel, I felt incredibly anxious and would have panic attacks (a danger not only to myself but also others on the road). This happened multiple times. Despite the endless encouragement that I was given and my best efforts, I still wasn’t progressing.

Throughout this whole time, I would pray for God to help me. I begged him with tears to guide the way and direct my steps to overcome such a fear when the methods I was told to utilise were clearly not working. Seven years had passed since I could have first got my license (legally) and it was getting to the point where driving was no longer to serve a luxury but a necessity for work and study.

I recall one day feeling overwhelming despair at my situation and giving up any hope of ever getting my license to drive. With one last attempt to pray from the depths of my heart, I cried for hours before my icon of Christ and Panagia. I pleaded for their help. I couldn’t see any other way. Something within me felt peace after that deeply heartfelt prayer and it was at this point that I completely surrended my situation to Christ, his Most Holy Mother and the beloved St Christopher (who is the patron saint of travellers and driving).

The next day, I felt something within me change. When I got off my train, instead of walking home, I made a spur of the moment call to a family member to take me out driving (this never happened, I would avoid driving like the plague). I felt strangely determined. And that drive was the beginning of a major transformation. That drive was the first time I didn’t feel anxious on the road. I knew at that moment with such surety that God was with me and he had heard my prayer.

What ensued the following six months was nothing short of a miracle. I persisted and with God’s help, gained confidence on the road and completely overcame my fear. I even ended up enjoying driving! It took many hours and lots of prayers, but with God’s grace anything is possible. He healed me from a fear that I thought was incurable. What I couldn’t do for seven years, God’s grace did instantly. We truly all need patience with faith.

After these few months, I went for my driving test. Despite my huge transformation in no longer fearing driving, I was nervous but I asked for Christ, Panagia and St Christopher to “sit” in the backseat and for Archangel Micheal and Gabriel to have their wings around the car for protection. And all through God’s grace, I passed the driving test with flying colours. So now, I can’t believe it, but I’m driving freely! A year ago I would have laughed in disbelief to know this was a reality.

We all have difficulties and huge mountains to climb in our lives. For me in this instance, it was a paralysing fear to drive. Fears, disappointments, anxieties and pains can plague us but we must never forget the power of prayer and that God’s grace can heal us. There is nothing He can’t do. We just need to have the faith. We take one step, God takes the other ninety-nine!

And I will add that before this experience, I didn’t know much about St Christopher but have felt his intercessions and presence in my life so powerfully. I will forever thank him for his prayers! May he intercede for us all!

~E, August 2019.

Miracle of St Christopher